paulo superfly's selection
"trapiche ritmico - cape verdean groove"


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we first met paulo superfly - a globetrotter in search of vinyl treasures and, needless to say, the founder of superfly records - in tokyo in july 2011.
we had a very good time at the club in shibuya, talking about the rare records, our mutual friends-in-vinyl and his mix works such as "angola dancefloor shakers" which he made for sofrito. he was glad that people started getting interested in angolan music (the main source set up by the superb analog africa compilation) because he comes from portugal originally, and that's why he is familiar with these luso-african music from not only angola but brazil, guinea-bissau and ...... "are you interested in cabo verde music?" he asked us. "dig cabo verde. a lot of good music there!" ... really?

yep! paulo proves it with this selection here, mixing totally obscure and unknown gems from cabo verde in late 70s to early 80s... amazing concoctions of funk, rock, synth-pop, disco and the traditional rhythms. you can hear the echoes of various kinds of music.... cabo verde is the transit-point of african, european, caribbean and south american cultures.

are you ready for the adventure into the deeper luso-african world?
hope you'll enjoy!

hey! superfly records will offer "luso-african special" for sale this friday! you cannot miss it!

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paulo superfly made a lot of great mixes, none of them bore you, and some are true milestones for all the tropical music lovers and afro record collectors. we remember the shock when we listened to "the afrofunk expressway vol.2" and "angola danfloor shaker". they opened up the fresh and exciting landscape before us. experience them yourself!


the afrofunk expressway vol.1

the afrofunk expressway vol.2

out of this world vol.1

singing some soul

samba variations

the afrofunk expressway vol.3

the nigerian boogie back

angola dancefloor shaker


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